The Mix Bake Shop

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The Mix Bake Shop was a website that I built from the group up, as my final project in my Web Design course.

The focus of this project was the website design, rather than the branding process, since the logo was provided to me by the client. My goal was to take the logo and use it as a starting point for the look and feel of the website. We pulled out the main colours from the logo as the basis of our colour scheme, as well as the whisk icon, but I created the other elements myself.

Because this was a project in my web design course, it was imperative that the entire site was built from scratch. This means I coded the entire site myself, without the help of a Content Management System, like WordPress. There were many hours spent troubleshooting, especially since I had to add in a few features that I wasn’t familiar with at the start, but I worked through it all and am very pleased with how the page turned out.

Make sure you click the link at the bottom of the page to check out the whole site!
The Mix Bake Shop Branding - By J.Gee Creative

custom website design - the mix bake shop

Click here to see the live website

The Mix Bake Shop
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